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2-XL Storyland 1978 tape

2-XL Storyland 1978 tape

My collection of 2-XL tapes is very much complete. Having just acquired Storyland, not to be confused with Storyland: 2-XL and the Time Machine, I now own every English-language tape. Unquestionably, Storyland and the Mego demonstration tape are the rarest, hardest to find tapes in the line. Over the last few years, I’ve only seen each listed twice on eBay. Every other tape makes regular appearances.

What is Storyland about? Writes Christopher Goodnough at 2XLRobot.com, “The basic premise is that 2-XL receives a magic hat which takes him to another world, where he encounters all kinds of strange creatures, and each one presents him with another challenge that he (and you of course as his Partner At Home) must pass to move on.” He goes on to explain that the tape has even twists and turns to make the tape enjoyable for at least a few runs. You can read more about Storyland here.

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