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I own an extensive collection of 2-XLs and tapes, but my collection is not complete. I don’t expect to acquire every item that was made, but I am hoping to add a few more items to my collection. Here is my top ten wish list:

  1. Storyland, not Storyland: 2-XL and the Time Machine, but the original Storyland, which may well be the rarest Mego tape.
  2. Mego Demonstration Tape. Working or not! This tape is available on Mouser’s 2-XL simulator.
  3. French Canadian 2-XL (Mego, Type 2) — I own a Type 1.
  4. Airfix 2-XL (German, Mego, Type 2 version)
  5. Spanish 2-XL (Ensueño Electronica)
  6. Any foreign language tape (Mego or Tiger)
  7. Complete Robotrivia. I own the tapes, but not the box, board or pieces.
  8. Tomy 2-XL (British)
  9. MB 2-XL (German)
  10. Plastic wrapped Mego tape. As Mego was clearing out its stock following its bankruptcy, the company plastic-wrapped the program tapes for quick sell. Would be nice to have one in the collection.

If you have any of these for sale or trade, please contact me at netadams (at) gmail (dot) com. I have several extra Mego tapes for trade.

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