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Weltrekorde or “World Records”

German 2-XL tapeTitle: Weltrekorde or “World Records”
Release date: 1978 (original Mego tape)
Number: Art. 7504 00 (Airfix)
Ages: unspecified
Booklet: unknown (original tape did not)
Label card: unknown (original tape did not)
Music: uknown

Unlike Spanish versions of 2-XL’s tapes, this tape retains the label styling of the original Mego programs. This is the German version of “Guinness Book of World Records,” though whether or not the content is the same, I cannot say. I imagine the “Guinness” name was not licensed for the German tape. The questions printed on the label are (more or less) as follows:

  • What did the world’s fattest twins weigh?
  • How fast is the fastest airplane?
  • What is the longest taxi ride?

These match questions on the Mego tape. The final statement on the label reads, “And many other incredible questions about world records.”

Note: The photo of this tape was gleaned from an eBay seller’s page. Visit b.a.m.-store-2010.

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