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“Grazie per me girare su di voi”

Mego 2-XL Italian Type 2 - front 01Note the button label. This is an Italian 2-XL, distributed by New Gioco in the early 1980s. I lately acquired this item on eBay, paying a modest price for what is a very rare version of this popular Mego toy. Being Italian, I am thrilled to have this in my collection.

Disappointingly, a tape was not included in the transaction. Nor have I noticed any Italian-language tapes (of the Mego variety) on the Internet. Until I discovered this item on eBay, I did not know Mego marketed the robot in Italy.

(In the 1990s, Tiger Electronics, through GiGi, did offer the second iteration of 2-XL in Italy, offering a full collection of tapes. See the “Tapes” page for a listing of these.)

I did find a YouTube video of the Italian 2-XL some time ago, only I mistook it for the Ensueno Electronica 2-XL, sold in Mexico. The image is blurry and one never really catches a glimpse of the question button, “Domande” as opposed to “Pregunta”; false, in Spanish and Italian is “falso.”

Watch the video:

2-XLers will note that the Italian model is a Mego Type 2, dating the toy to around 1980, when a majority of the international 2-XLs were produced. Only the French-Canadian model was offered earlier in the Type 1 style. For the international market, Mego offered 2-XL in Mexico (Spanish), Canada (French), Germany and Italy.

One other note, my Italian 2-XL is non-operational, and was originally missing two buttons. I swapped out two from another machine, but I haven’t looked inside to see why my recent purchase does not turn on.

Oh, and regarding the phrase “Grazie per me girare su di voi,” that’s a Google translation of “Thank you for turning me on.” I hope the translation is accurate.

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